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At Modbury Paediatrics Dr Lalith provides diagnosis and management of simple to complex medical and behavioural issues as well as acute or chronic illnesses. Our Clinicians care for newborn babies, infants, children and adolescents up to age 16.

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How To Find Us Dr Lalith consults at Modbury Paediatrics ,Modbury Heights, and at Adelaide Paediatrics, Kensington. You will find their contact details below and you will be able to make an appointment at either of them

Meet Dr Lalith

Dr Lalith believes in having both an evidence-based and he has a family-centred approach when planning the care for his patients. Respecting the knowledge and experience of parents and carers, who know their child best, he will prioritise working together with parents, carers, and with your health professional, in advocating for and achieving the best possible care for your child.